Hard Paddle and Tawse for Minor Infractions

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Description: WMJ is given 6 good swats with the large wooden paddle and 2 with the Tawse over his pink little girl panties for forgetting tupperware at work and wasting money on junk food.
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badlittleboy56 - 195 days ago
I would love to trades places with him .Or my I please be next for my punishment ? I love wearing my panties. I have some girls around here made me wear panties. They pick out what style and color type fabric of the panties I have wear for them. I don't even have any men underwear.I know I wouldn't even scream from any of those swats. I been told I have a very tiny, tight ,sexy and very spnkable butt. The girls also told me I have a very tough butt.
Sky777 - 356 days ago
great video ....
uksub - 911 days ago
great video.... luck man!
ocpantyguy - 938 days ago
I'm with slave vixen below. Nice to see punishment fit the crime. Well administered. Thanks!
sissyjamieanne - 943 days ago
I love the disciplinarian...she's efficient and strict!
alaskan - 944 days ago
This was a nice medium punishment. Too bad he screams like he did because it takes away from the punishment.
slave_vixen - 944 days ago
Wonderful punishment. Short, to the point, but not too much because they were minor infractions. It is very refreshing to see someone who actually makes the punishment fit the crime, vs an extremely harsh punishment for even small things. Having played with heavy paddles, I know how much that hurt, and he took it very well :) I would not have been able to stay in position, that is for sure!
strman - 945 days ago
More with the strap please. Break him down!
duane - 945 days ago
oh my god- that was so fantastic-especially since shes wearing boots! He should have gotten more with the paddle, but I can relate to how painful just a few swats are. I wish I could be next- I would be saying "thank you ma'am, Please may I have another!!!" PLease let there more videos like this!!
johnlock - 945 days ago
He definately need some more
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